MadStand Entertainment | X 1.0 Entertainment Show
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X 1.0 Entertainment Show


MadStand Entertainment launched the X1.0 entertainment show in commemoration of its third Year Anniversary. Due to the limited seats, we had the crowd rushing even at the last minute to get hold of a ticket just to join in the Madness and excitement.
Comedians from across the world (Ahmed Ahmed, Edwin San Juan, Johnny Sanchez & Tommy Davidson) echoing the joy and laughter throughout the show.
Local live bands such as (Karrouhat, Amin Fari, Zanjebar) ignited the stage on fire with their outstanding vocal performance and kept the crowd tapping to the beat.
If that didn’t knock your socks off, the open for David Guetta & Tiesto (DJ MadJam) drove the crowd to wonderland and closed the show with a roar.

Stay tuned for more! Entertainment is our motto! We never fail to deliver.