MadStand Entertainment | Warehouse No.005
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Warehouse No.005


MadStand Entertainment hosted its sixth comedy show at the International Fair Grounds in Mishref. The event was a culmination of famous and outrageously talented standup comedians ranging from Wil Sylvince (Our Host) , Rachel Feinstein (The Opening Act), followed by Godfrey (Second Act) and last but not the least Maz Jobrani (Headliner Act)

Jam packed arena that sold out 3000 tickets like hot cakes! Mainstream International comedians that took the Middle East by storm, and knocked the ball straight out of the park with their humor and won the hearts of our customers like dynamite.
What a way to end the year with a bang! MadStand Entertainment strives to achieve something fresh and new every single time. No room for error, no room for doubt, Entertainment to the fullest!