MadStand Entertainment | Business Profile
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Mad Stand was established on 2012 it was inspired by the entertainment world. The company was established to fulfill the gap of entertainment in the local and regional markets by producing entertainment live shows.
Mad Stand Entertainment specializes in the production of live shows such as standup comedy shows talent shows, musical concerts and family-entertainment. After two years of operations, Mad Stand was able to develop a strong customer’s database in the market where it has a respected reputation and image among the market perceptions and expectations.

By having a steady profile in the local market, Mad Stand has the vision of expanding its operations in the Gulf Region to fulfill the needs and wants of the projected/potential market segments.


Mad Stand Entertainment follows a consistent timeline in which two main public events are organized semi annually. The first show takes place in May while the second show is in November. Mad Stand conceptualizes and develops a different theme and interactive environment for each show. Such changes include different staging layouts, venue, venue setup, lightings & effects, comedians, seating charts, and much more. in addition to those public shows, Mad Stand also organizes private shows upon request of their clients. Below is a brief about the main events organized by Mad Stand Entertainment within the last two years.

Mad Stand Comedy Night (May 2012)

Mad Stand Comedy Night was the first show organized by Mad Stand which was located in the football stadium at Kuwait University. The show hosted a group of regional and local comedians where each had a different style of humor. With a target of 600 attendants, the attending audience reached 760.
The introduction of stand up comedy shows in Kuwait was a concept in which the society was not well educated about. The general feedback before the show was that it is awkward to attend a stand up comedy show in arabic. However, positive feedback and good impressions were provided by the audience after the show where our customer service center were receiving phone calls and emails from customers inquiring about the next show. The aim of the Mad Stand Comedy Night Show was to test the market’s elasticity towards stand up comedy shows. With the success it achieved, Mad Stand Entertainment launched its second public show.

The Comedy Hangout (December 2012)

The Comedy Hangout was the second show organized by Mad Stand Entertainment which was located in Safir International Hotel. A different group of local and regional comedians were selected to perform a two hour and a half show. With intensive and accurate market research, the event was fully booked within two weeks where 1200 tickets were successfully sold.

Due to the high expectations of customers, Mad Stand was forced to deliver something fascinating to the people. The event’s theme was modern technology where all the tools and equipment used were high tech. After The Comedy Hangout, Mad Stand successfully created a buzz in the Kuwaiti market where the fan base segment started to grow.

The 3rd Comedy Show (May 2013)

The 3rd Comedy Show was also located at Safir International Hotel with a total of six well known comedians with a huge fan base in the Middle East especially the Gulf region. We successfully managed to sell 1450 tickets this time. By gaining more experience in this field, Mad Stand was able to develop a custom made multi-level seating stage for the audience and implement a theme of the classics (60s & 70s).

This show was considered the master piece of Mad Stand so for where there was a strong integration between the event details, theme, customers/fans, along with the strategic plan implemented.