MadStand Entertainment | About us
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About us

MadStand Entertainment was established in the Kuwait 2012 and expanded to the regional market to produce and promote live shows and concerts designed to deliver a live-time experience. MadStand Entertainment specialises in the production of live shows, standup comedy and adult entertainment. Since 2012 MadStand operated with passion to develop a successful business model in Kuwaiti market, a solid reputation and image that exceeds the audience expectation and a consistent growing performance. Continuing a steady presence in our local market, MadStand had expanded operations in the broader Gulf Region to serve the needs and desires of the regional segment.

MadStand Entertainment follows a consistent timeline during which two main public events are organised semi-annually. The first show takes place in Spring while the second show is in Fall. MadStand conceptualises and develops a different theme and interactive environment for each show. Such changes include different staging layouts, venue, venue setup, lightings & effects, comedians, seating charts, and much more. In addition to these public shows, MadStand also organises private shows for local clients upon request under MadEvents.

MadStand is a division of MadCo.